U of L Football on VHS


May 29, 2001
In an effort to cleanup and organize I have come across several old VSH recordings of U of L sports. Yesterday I watched an epic beatdown of uk football. It featured Ron Copper vs. Bill Curry -1996-. Jason Payne was our quarterback, backed up by freshman Chris Redman. uk was led by, say it again, Billy Jack Haskins backed up by Tim Couch.Our defense was badass led by Tyrus McCloud,
Rico Clark and Sam Madison. We blocked two punts in second quarter the second returned for a TD. Sam Madison intercepted a pass in the third and returned it for a TD as well. We had 5 - 6 sacks in the first half. Curry finally put in freshman Couch in the second half to the delight of the uk faithful until they witnessed him using him in the option. (Helping to Curry's eventual downfall.) My favorite part, of many, is when Chris is in, we are up 31-14 and drive it in for a score with less than a minute in the game! The announcers didn't like it one bit and stands were completely empty of the big blew nation, it was classic. Of course we all know the rest of the Ron Copper history, but for this one instance. GREAT GAME COACH!!