To all Cardinal fans

Dec 16, 2015
Lol...I would of said UK haters but that's kind of hand in hand.
I hope all are well. I know Jefferson County has been hit hard by Covid 19. I live 30 miles from Hopkins County, and next to Christian County. My wife retired 3 years ago from Western State I understand some of the grief you have.
My heart goes out to you as fans and especially your young recruit that lost his life. Tragedy of epic proportions.

I hope to be trading ribs, facts and insults with you soon, but I agree with what your school administrators and Mark Stoops said...if there are no fans at the games, it is hypocritical to tell kids that are lining up six inches from each other, breathing, sweating, bleeding on each other...that this is safe. Especially as University coaches you promise the parents of these kids you will take care of them.

Just wanted to check, give condolences, and hope things turn around some in the upcoming year. I've even heard ideas if starting...starting football in January, and running from there.
Best wishes gentlemen and ladies. Hope we get this lined out sooner than later.