13 point dog Rutgers beats Purdue at Purdue


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Sep 4, 2006
  • Rutgers is 1-8 straight up in its last nine games and is 1-13 in its last 14 road games.
  • Purdue is 2-5 straight up in its last six games and 2-6 in its last seven home games.
37-30 Rutgals - Shitzano.
Looking for positives, we are not paying 6 million a year for Brohm's clown show.
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Jun 13, 2001
And if, big IF, CSS were to leave . . .? Would there be any, ANY, interest in JB here? Not from me.

GO CARDS - BEAT EVERYBODY!!! May God Bless America!!!
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Jul 9, 2001
If a guy can’t go home because $4 mil A YEAR isn’t enough until he PROVES something...then he doesn’t want to come home.

If it wasn’t money what was it? Ego? “They’re not going to dis me blah blah...”

Now people are going to say “He has to take care of his family”. Ok

Mark me as one of the 99.9% on this board who would give anything for ONE year of that and do very nicely forever.

If he did well here he knows he’ll get more.

If he sucked as bad as he is at PU he’d still have $16-20 mil. Granted, if he gets fired there he’ll have maybe $5 mil more?

And a OC job somewhere.

His ship sailed here.
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Oct 14, 2017
"Jeff Brohm is selfish for saying no to his home school to stay at the place that took a chance on him"

(Hires Scott Satterfield away from his Alma-mater and school that gave him his first job)

I hated Schiano from the old days, but I hate Clay Travis more & now want Rutgers to win the Big Ten while Tennessee looks for another coach.
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