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  1. vivid_red

    Bad team

    I like our team and coaching staff. The defense got confused, good teams take advantage and Miami did just that. However we showed a lot of fight. I tip my hat to the better team and move on.
  2. vivid_red

    Great article on Teddy.

    I am a huge Teddy fan, loved him at U of L and anywhere he plays. GO TEDDY!
  3. vivid_red

    Bold Prediction

    I was impressed with his arm strength and accuracy
  4. vivid_red

    I really tore up my back tonight

    Gave up "sports" radio 5-6 months ago. Don't miss it one bit
  5. vivid_red

    U of L Football on VHS

    In an effort to cleanup and organize I have come across several old VSH recordings of U of L sports. Yesterday I watched an epic beatdown of uk football. It featured Ron Copper vs. Bill Curry -1996-. Jason Payne was our quarterback, backed up by freshman Chris Redman. uk was led by, say it...
  6. vivid_red

    Replay Time

    Watched the 1980 National Championship game yesterday, just finished the 1983 Dream Game. Who says there's not great sports to watch now! Loved that OT in 83
  7. vivid_red

    2020-21 Louisville Cardinals

    I heard that Igeihon had an shoulder issue that kept him out of games. any one know if that is true? I truly though he would have played more this season
  8. vivid_red

    Jack Harlow puts uofk fan in his place !

    Classic ! Every time I watch this I love it more. Jack at Forecastle this year
  9. vivid_red

    Cards Fans, We Have A Problem

    I think we should press more a well, get some hustle baskets
  10. vivid_red

    No shock the Cards lost

    it's those grey uniforms, wear them, play like your in wet cement
  11. vivid_red

    Great Game McMahon

    Streak shooter, deadly when he's on. Great game!
  12. vivid_red

    Nick Coffey

    Bring back Jock and VV! for us old timers :)
  13. vivid_red

    Do We Even Want Nwora Hot Right Now Anyway?

    Catch fire a' la Billy Thompson at tournament time!
  14. vivid_red

    iHeart cancelled Ramsey & Rutherfod.

    Huge Mike Rutherford fan, really going to miss him, and enjoyed John Ramsey and his outspoken dislike of all things uk. The ride home from work just isn't going to be the same without them. It seems odd to end the show right in the heart of basketball season??
  15. vivid_red


    Lancaster is one of my favorites and always friendly and positive.
  16. vivid_red

    Wish I had the same confidence in Mack that I do Satterfield

    I like Mack. I don't think he ever had this much talent on a roster at Xavier and he seems to be be struggling trying to find a cohesive way to use it here. I am willing to give him time to evolve as a better game coach. GO CARDS
  17. vivid_red

    Free throws

    even with our horrible foul and 3 point shooting, it took overtime to beat us......
  18. vivid_red

    Timeout for a lob? On the baseline ?

    no full court press? Denny's stomach had to be turning
  19. vivid_red


    foul shooting
  20. vivid_red

    OT: Badass New U of L Black License Plates

    have mine on order, its like my old U of L vanity plate with my initials :)