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  1. gruffmusic

    Chris Redman is one of the Brady 6.

    I seem to recall Chris throwing to Harry Douglas during Harry's Pro Day having something to do with Bobby bringing him to Atlanta.
  2. gruffmusic

    More National love

    More like a putt.
  3. gruffmusic

    Your win expectations for 2019 as of today - UPDATED w/ BOWL WIN!!!!

    Coaches with last names beginning with "S" have been able to turn us around before.
  4. gruffmusic

    OT: Pruitt or Taggart? Who gets canned first?

    Charlie Strong will get the axe before either of them.
  5. gruffmusic

    5 teams ready to go bust this season
  6. gruffmusic

    What kind of offense does Satterfield have?
  7. gruffmusic

    Wilkie01 Update Thread

    Just seeing this as well. Praying for your recovery, Wilkie.
  8. gruffmusic

    Louisville. More talent than Texas?

    According to this article, yes. I concur.
  9. gruffmusic

    Official fan party reports?

    Wildhorse party tomorrow. Click here for info:
  10. gruffmusic

    Terrible TV broadcast

    Audio constantly cutting out.
  11. gruffmusic

    Billy Donovan Offered OKC Thunder job

    I'm having a hard time connecting those dots.
  12. gruffmusic

    Wayne Got After It

    Ellis played for Notre Dame.
  13. gruffmusic

    Let's help LPT...

    Let's beat 'em twice in the same year.
  14. gruffmusic

    Todd Grantham

    Link? I've seen nothing about it posted anywhere else.
  15. gruffmusic

    My original music

    I'm currently recording a CD and am revisiting...
  16. gruffmusic

    You have $25 to make a rock band...

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