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  1. EMBO_Cards

    Sean Moth leaving

    Hate to hear this, but at least he will still be on the baseball broadcasts. Heard it wasn't exactly voluntary, similar to Mark Crabtree. Sean Moth leaving UofL
  2. EMBO_Cards

    BB Asst coach Fennell arrested

    Proud of him, and that he represents UofL. Also, how did he break a 9 p.m. curfew when he was booked at 8:58 p.m.?
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    Tyra Nominated to Chair of ACC Athletic Directors

    2 good hires with basketball and football coach. Tell me an AD in a Power 5 conference that took over with as many NCAA issues as UL? Tom Jurich.
  4. EMBO_Cards

    U of L C-19 financial cuts

    I think it's safe to say Mr. Tyra's predecessor would have had the ULAA in a much better position to weather the storm.
  5. EMBO_Cards

    University of Cincinnati discontinued soccer

    Obviously stinks for that program. Also stinks for Karen Ferguson-Dayes as her husband is/was the head coach there.
  6. EMBO_Cards

    Let me get this straight regarding the fired dance coach.

    FWIW, the word on campus is that Mark Crabtree's "retirement" isn't exactly voluntary. Given the great year that program had in 2019, and what it has coming back for 2020, it makes you wonder who exactly is making some of these decisions, and their level of expertise behind such decisions.
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    Going 2-6 vs. Pitino while at UK,with most of those games not really being close, wasn't exactly "holding our own" IMO.
  8. EMBO_Cards

    Wish I had the same confidence in Mack that I do Satterfield

    If only he'd hired Chad Morris, Pat Narduzzi or Rich Rod at that point in time, who knows what might have happened...
  9. EMBO_Cards

    So Luke gets his MOP back but no banner ?

    Actually, I think you meant to say "resigned."
  10. EMBO_Cards

    So Luke gets his MOP back but no banner ?

    So, if he was such a problem, why has UofL's academic ranking, that actually went from unranked when he arrived to creeping toward respectability during his tenure, has totally tanked since he left. We've fallen 40 spots in just three years. That's not a good look, so, yeah, thanks for trying.
  11. EMBO_Cards

    So Luke gets his MOP back but no banner ?

    Speaking of Neeli, has anyone noticed that UofL ranking in the US News & World Report rankings have gotten steadily worse since James Ramsey left, going from around 150th in 2016 to 192 this year? Maybe Jim was doing something right after all.