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    View from outside teams coach was be a defensive secondary whiz and.left Florida receivers uncovered twice in one game....and he's still there. Dunno about Brown, but I doubt Satterfield stands for many repeat performances with the same guy calling shots.
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    Safe to say the Satterfield honeymoon is over?

    You're ahead of any normal rebuild schedule. Petrino leaving cost you a whole class, and his later year or so of recruiting was based on speed in the skill positions and one year a bunch in the secondary. Satterfield gets a lot of fight from his players. Size up front is in some systems offset...
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    View from outside

    Cards are outsized. Hard to get pressure on opposing QB. Amazing speed on defensive front and go to the ball super, but just not enough heft yet. Secondary confused. Will get better, but has to have help up front. Speed to burn on offense. Hawkins is a super player. TE is the size of a big...
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    The Rug???

    Hope for a football season. All I can do is hope. This season if everyone stays healthy is just a bonus. No pressure on anyone. Polls mean little or nothing. Just be able to enjoy life and play.
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    Predict the UofL football schedule

    Looks like 7-4. Legit 8-3, but give everyone an aw, shoot! game.
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    No college football until spring

    I was a manager for Wal-Mart 15 years . Ten of em In was there Black Friday. Full contact shopping is more real than pro wrestling.
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    No college football until spring

    Good point. However, I know a lady that was quarantined after contact with a patient then released three days later when her own test was negative. There is likely a protocol that when two tests show negative the original patient is cleared and the quarantine is lifted, even if those tests are...
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    No college football until spring

    It is a good point. I have to wonder though if the Universities would see any of that due to contracts already in effect.
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    No college football until spring

    Interesting talk about player safety yesterday. At school, in the SEC players players are tested twice a week, full med staff on hand, and more or less around the same people. Go home and you have a hundred alpha males hanging with their crews. Probably half these kids wouldn't be in college...
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    No college football until spring

    Nebraska and Iowa voted to play. Rumors are floating that the SEC, ACC, BIG12 are still willing to go. One rumor that sounds plausible is that the SEC is going to be a final holdout, and someway try to get teams from other conferences to work some sort of makeshift schedule to start a super...
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    No college football until spring

    Gonna miss some great players. Not many kids that think they will be drafted will play....too much danger of injury and 4 months less heal up time.
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    OT/Mid American canceling football for the Fall

    ^^^^there's the problem. The P5 schools can bite a huge bullet for a year, then come back and renegotiate TV rights for a comeback season. These other schools, for the most part a warm up (yeah, yeah..Georgia State, WKU, and at one time Appy State) are counting on those P5 matchup for a huge...
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    No Governor's Cup this year. SEC sticks to 10 conference games only.

    Original plan reportedly was to be 1 non conference game to be in state school...UK/UofL, Clemson/USCjr, Florida/FSU. Trouble brewed due to some of the other rivalries were already in conference..Bama/Auburn, the Mississippi's, Georgia/Florida. Big 10 has been playing ten conference games I...
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    OT/Mid American canceling football for the Fall

    Reports this week so far that the MAC will move to spring. Penn State no fans...and no refunds. Big10 is now putting everything on the table...up to an including cancelling fall sports period. So far pushing back practice, no scrimmage. IF the Big 10 calls it, I am sure that the Pac12 will be...
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    To all Cardinal fans

    Lol...I would of said UK haters but that's kind of hand in hand. I hope all are well. I know Jefferson County has been hit hard by Covid 19. I live 30 miles from Hopkins County, and next to Christian County. My wife retired 3 years ago from Western State I understand some of the...
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    Upcoming Football Season

    There have been some awful diseases through history, and although mankind has found vaccines or cures, those diseases carry a terrible price. I anticipate that when the numbers go down, there will be a public rush to hit the stores, parks and churches. There is a big possibility for a spike in...
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    UofL WR Corey Reed loses father to COVID-19

    Late replying to wishes to the young man and his family. Losing a parent is one of the top worst griefs in life, for whatever reason they pass.
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    Everyone all right?

    Sorry to take so long in getting back. All church in person services suspended. The CHURCH is the people, and we are STILL here...just not meeting in person. This is the time for faith and people of faith to act....even if that action is staying physically apart for everyones protection. We are...
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    Everyone all right?

    I am now a pastor at a couple of very small Methodist churches here in Todd County. Nearly all are in the over 60 danger zone...including myself. No cases diagnosed, but a lot of worry. The stock market will sooner or later take care of itself, it's the people that matter. This is devastating...
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    Everyone all right?

    All in this crazy world together, folks.